Bean Filming

Project: Bean Filming Website
Bean Filming is a video marketing company that specializes in creating high-quality 3 months of video content in just 45 minutes of your time.
Framing & Style
The website was built based on conversion-centered design principles, with testimonials and social proof displayed within the first landing space of the website. Coherent branding using a “whatsapp” green paired with black and white for visual contrast. SEO best practice in consideration, the site is content-rich with consistent call-to-action buttons that lead customers to book a meeting.
bean filming tokyo design studio Bean Filming Website, Designed by Tokyo Design Studio
bean filming tokyo design studio
The Result
A clean and crisp looking website with a strong focus on conversion. Featuring loop customers testimonials and intro videos, sticking to only one call-to-action button, taking into account a smooth user experience while maintaining a content-rich website that showcases all the benefits of video marketing in general and Tim Beanland’s expertise in particular.