Dalgarno Donation

Project: Donation for Resiliency Building / Dalgarno Institute Website
A donation website for Dalgarno Institute to help fund the deployment of unique and effective education resources to better educate and advocate for safer, healthier, and more productive futures for Generation Now and their families.
Framing & Style
The website features a responsive design and different types of donation forms for common donations and the more exclusive, elite Heritage 100 Club. The aesthetics is bright, clean and clear, using a consistent pop of sunny yellow, designed with ease for navigation where users can immediately see where and how to donate.
dalgarno donation tokyo design studio Dalgarno Donation Website, Designed by Tokyo Design Studio
dalgarno donation tokyo design studio
The Result
An effective and contemporary website that summarised the Dalgano Institute’s main cause and call to action. A project we’re truly proud to be a part of.