Diversity Camps

Project: Diversity Camps – Branding
Brand Manual for Diversity Camps. Diversity Camps is a brand new initiative founded from multiple-business owner Jayne Southgate, who’s had extensive experience leading top health retreat/holiday companies/organisations in the health & NDIS sector.
Framing & Style
Since Diversity Camps offers luxury wellness retreats with a special focus on NDIS-managed participants, Jayne wanted a “round”, soft-coloured logo, and we did exactly that. We came up with a soft, pastel colour palette, and a classic typeface – the rainbow background of the logo reminiscent of the idea of inclusivity and diversity. This idea carried on throughout the whole process of creating the brand manual – we kept things classy, simple, and inviting.
diversity camps branding tokyo design studio
The Result
Development & design of a comprehensive guideline document for all branded materials, from digital to prints, including logo (primary & secondary), colour palette, type, business card, letterhead, envelope, and Instagram/FB social media templates.