Frago 22

Project: FRAGO 22 – Branding
Introducing a project TDS AUSTRALIA has had the honour to be involved in recently; the new branding in preparation for the launch of FRAGO22 – A coaching iniative founded by John Kerkhoff, an US military veteran. “Frago” comes from the US military shorthand of fragmentary order, and is inspired from founder John Kerkhoff’s own experience as First Sergeant.
Framing & Style
The brand aims at delivering services to two distinct groups; one being military Veterans, and the other Businesses. The logo designs reflect this aim with the Star logo connecting the brand to its military roots for veterans, and maintaing a font with similarities to that the US military. The second logo has a less overtly military style to it, but remembers its roots nontheless with the star situtation in the interior of the F. The services provided to corporations are still related strongly to John Kerkhoff’s military roots and expertise.
frago22 Frago 22 Brand Guidelines, Designed by Tokyo Design Studio
The Result
Check out FRAGO22’s awesome new branding and social media templates.