Project: Marquise Branding
Branding for Marquise, a 2020-established boutique fashion brand based in Hanoi. Born out of an atelier based right in the heart of Hanoi, Marquise is a distillation of the persona of its very own founder Hạnh Hà – ‘The Marquise Girl’, with a taste for bespoke custom-made outfits that exudes class.
Framing & Style
We took the complete branding for Marquise and we came up with an image, a brand, that captures Marquise’s essence right down to the core.
The Result
From the look of brand manual itself to all brand components such as business cards, letterhead, thank-you cards, shopping bag, packaging box, hang tags, labels, stickers etc, the Marquise Girl’s worldview is imprinted onto tangible objects.