Optimise Your Brain
Landing Page

Project: Optimise Your Brain by Nicole Yeates
Nicole is a Certified Brain Health Coach and a #1 Best Selling Author. With her extensive qualifications and expertise in neuroscience, Nicole has designed a comprehensive Brain Assessment session that will revolutionize the way you understand and optimize your cognitive abilities.
Framing & Style
The website features consistent brand colours featured across the entire page, custom made 3D graphics, including a brain diagram and other cool explainer visuals. Free downloadable brain optimiser guide and checklist lead magnet and Active campaign form integration are also included.
optimise your brain by tokyo design studio Optimise Your Brain LP, Designed by Tokyo Design Studio
optimise your brain by tokyo design studio
The Result
A modern, fun Brain Assessment Program landing page for the Keynote speaker, brain optimiser Nicole Yeates. A project we were proud to be a part of.