Simone Lord

Project: Simone Lord – Branding
Brand Manual for Simone Lord. Simone Lord is primarily a Keynote speaker and influencer in her community. Simone’s services are structured around her passion for the role of female leadership in family growth, providing her clients with holistic solutions to these important issues.
Framing & Style
Development & design of a comprehensive guideline document for all branded materials, from digital to prints, and a special inclusion of a “Self Style Guide” for Simone as an Influencer/Keynote Speaker.
Simone Lord Branding
The Result
It has been a great pleasure working with Simone, and we’re so stoked about her progress of reshaping herself, from a fitness instructor/family nutrition guru, to a pioneer counsellor & influencer for working mums & corporate mums who want to navigate the challenging world of mothering while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.