Simone Lord

Project: Simone Lord Public Profile / Subscription Website
Simone Lord is a Keynote Speaker & Influencer based in Sydney Australia. Simone does incredible work with the people that she mentors. She is well known for her Fit 4 Life recovery plan and her Keynote speaking events across Australia.
Framing & Style
Coherent branding and pops of sporty purple throughout the site, customised graphics, icons and header images. Dynamic layout, and a lot of premium features & functionalities.
Visual Journey
tokyo design studio simone lord Simone Lord Website, Designed by Tokyo Design Studio
The Result
A unique one-stop shop website that is both aesthetically exciting and highly functional. The website features premium subscription model / membership-based services portal where users can access Simone’s course materials through customised member’s portal, integrated fitness sessions bookings & calendar, and events calendar, setting Simone Lord apart from all competitors in the industry.