By Jared Abrahamse

Project: The Herd Biltong Website by Jared Abrahamse
Website for The Herd Biltong. A high quality health food product, South African Biltong, company based out of Brisbane, Australia.
Framing & Style
Enticing, exciting, vibrant, fresh. All these are the adjectives Jared requested for the representation of his biltong brand. A palette on the plate required a killer colour palette. Matching with classic white and black from the logo, a liquid golden hue was added to accentuate the calibre of the product.
Visual Journey
The Result
A visual banquet that bounces with vibrant freshness, yet retains an ever present regal feel of long lasting quality. The technical aspects incorporated subscriptions, events calendar, a sleek backend admin panel to track sales. The site truly is a digital masterpiece.