The Raven Group

Project: The Raven Group Branding
The Raven Group, led by Scott Raven, is a coaching practice that specializes in guiding accomplished professionals and entrepreneurs towards achieving their unique definitions of success. The branding project includes a logo design, a comprehensive brand guideline book, series of promo videos, and a website.
Framing & Style
Staying true to the brand’s essence and archetype of a thoughtful sage/mentor and a intellectual visionary, we came up with a modern and timeless logo design, composing of a raven image interowven with the letter R. The colour palette is calm navy blue and bright orange to achive a balance between wisdom and youthful zeal.
the raven group branding tokyo design studio
The Result
A comprehensive brand package that defines the essence of The Raven Group: wisdom, intellect, resilience, and transformation.