World Resiliency Day

Project: World Resiliency Day / Dalgarno Institute Website
World Resiliency Day is a global iniative dedicated to building resiliency against drug use amongst Gen Now. Our core mission entails the shifting of the growing narrative that… “you can’t say no to drugs” to empowering the emerging generation to build capacity, agency, vision, purpose and the resiliency they bring, ensuring it’s easier to engage in best practice of saying NO to drugs.
Framing & Style
The website was the final piece in the World Resiliency Day/Week media campaign and acts as a platform for all resources, featuring a promo video, other small motion graphcis video clips and interview of ambassadors, as well as a dedicated resources page for free downloadable whitepapers and powerpoint presentation. Stylistically the website features big and bold headlines, strong visual contrast and a dynamic layout to capture attention and bring forward the message of the campaign.
world resiliency day tokyo design studio World Resiliency Day Website, Designed by Tokyo Design Studio
world resiliency day tokyo design studio
The Result
A modern, contemporary NFP website that visually appeals to the target market: the Gen Now, and also encapsulates the essence of the campaign using multi-disciplinary media such as motion graphics, video footages, images, graphics.